Inclusive Sports Equipment

Badminton Fun Kit

Ideal for having fun and learning the very basics of Badminton. Set contains; 12 PlaySport® Rackets, 8 GetNets, 4 Tube of 6 PlaySport® Shuttles, 20 Fleeceballs, 10 Rainbow Foam Balls, 3 Giant Shuttles, 3 Indiakas all supplied in a bag. Also available with an easily assembled 3m Multi use Net and Post sets.

our price: £135 

New age kurling set 

The New Age Kurling Starter Set supplied in a Bag comprises of 8 Stones; 4 each of blue and red. Stone dia. 18cm


New Age Boccia Set

The New Age Boccia Set is a set of hand stitched Boccia balls manufactured from synthetic leather and filled with plastic pellets. The set contains, 6 Red Balls, 6 Blue Balls and a White Jack. Each set is supplied in its own carrying case. The New Age Boccia Ball Set complies with competition standard and is available in two different degrees of hardness, either Medium or Soft, the soft option can be easier to place and throw. Ball weight 275g, dia. 8.5cm.

our price: £125

Deluxe Parachute & Accessories Kit

Set contains a Parachute (dia. 5m, 16 handles) and a broad range of equipment. Supplied in a holdall and available with or without a Teaching resource.

our price: £90

Activate Select Mix

It is generally recognized that children need to be encouraged to become more active and the ideal times for this, outside formal P.E. lessons, are breaktimes and lunchtimes. The Activate Mix bags provide an extensive range of activities which will motivate children by providing a range of exciting equipment suitable for all skill levels and in sufficient quantity to enable all to participate.

our price: £135



Very suitable for all kinds of playground games, and if partially inflated they can be used as spring mattresses. Available in 2 sizes, the larger weighs almost 9kg.

our price: £95

Sensory Ball Kit Package

An inspiring collection of tactile equipment in different shapes and sizes selected to encourage basic catching and throwing skills. The contents have been specially chosen to try to increase engagement and interest by offering a range of different surfaces and properties. Number of pieces 35 supplied with a holdall.

our price: £120

Goalball UK School Kit

Playing Goalball will develop communication and team working skills. This Kit is focused towards promoting mass participation in goalball. The Class Kit contains 2 Foamed Goalballs (dia. 20cm), 36 eyeshades, so a full class to be engaged in fun Goalball related activities and whistles to start getting young people officiating. The Standard Kit contains 2 Foamed Goalballs (dia. 20cm) and 12 Blindfolds. Supplied in a bag. 

our price: £50

Bumper Sports Day Pack

The Bumper Sports Day Pack provides an engaging array of equipment for all manner of team activities on Sports Day. Two bags include Mini Bars for positional marking, Team Bands and various sets of Foam Javelins, Three Legged Race Ties, Jump Sacks and Egg and Spoons, not to mention Bean Bags, Balls, Hoops, Quoits, Gym Ropes & Relay Batons.

our price: £165

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