Delivering Inclusive Practitioner 1:1 Support Across the West Midlands 

This is a service in which we offer 1:1 support to individuals on a weekend and after school basis. Targeted to disability and vulnerable audiences, we create opportunities for days out and experiences that their families may not be able to provide. As well as this, an outlet for socialisation for someone outside of their family circle and educational settings. We also understand that many since the pandemic have been isolated, so just getting them out of the house and into unfamiliar surroundings can do wonders for their wellbeing. This could also offer some respite for parents and carers who are responsible for high needs individuals. Our PAs are designed to act like a friend to our participants, someone they can confide in and have fun with, rather than a task.


All our PA’s are DBS checked and are experienced with disability audiences, and the activities will be funded by us. If you would like to use our PA service, please email us at, or call us 07743713161.

Wheelchair race

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  • Programmes Tailored to Participants’ Needs

  • Driven Towards Achieving Positive Outcomes

  • Believe Sport Is for All

  • Inclusive in Approach

  • Believe Investing Time in Our Participants

  • Inclusive Volunteering

  • Inclusive Coaching - Actively Encouraging Young People to Be Given the Opportunity of Participating with Coaching Roles at the Sporting Academy

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