Meet the Team

Andy Warmington-Director/Founder

Andy founded Inclusive Sports Academy CIC in 2015 and since then, the programme has continued to grow. Moreover, our academy has been recognised as the leading Inclusive and Disability coaching provider in the region. Andy strongly believes sport is for all and that it plays a valuable role in improving people’s lives. Before founding Inclusive Sports Academy CIC, Andy worked as Head Coach at Solihull Arden club where he developed a vibrant junior and adult programme. During this time, the club received the ‘National Club of the Year Award’ as recognition for their development initiatives. During 2017, he was awarded a Mayor’s Civic honour for his services to sport in Solihull.

Ryan Butterfield - Inclusive Sports Coach

Ryan joined Inclusive Sports Academy CIC earlier this year. A keen footballer, Ryan has progressed through Birmingham City Football Club College programme. Ryan assists with various Inclusive projects throughout the week. He is currently working towards his PE and School Sports Qualification.

Brett mcskimming- inclusive Sports Coach

Brett has recently joined Inclusive Sports . A keen lover of sports, Brett has decided to turn his passion into his work. Brett takes the lead on numerous disability and community sessions on the programme throughout the week. He is working towards his PE and School Sport Level 3 qualification. Outside of work, Brett enjoys his tennis.

Paige Key – Disability Sports Coach

Paige has 3 years’ experience of coaching. With a background in tennis, Paige started coaching at the age of 17, and she has already built a glowing reputation within her community. Paige joined the Academy in February 2017, and her expertise surrounding Disability Tennis and Ball skills have proved to be valuable. She is also excellent at creating a rapport with participants.

Emma Jobbins – Work Experience Co-ordinator

Emma boasts 5 years’ experience of working with people with learning disabilities in a personal assistant and support worker capacity. She joined the Academy in 2018, and since working in this role, she has been able to transfer her previous experience in the social care field to a variety of sport-related activities. For example, she takes a young man with autism to his work experience on a weekly basis. Emma’s previous knowledge and understanding of the autism spectrum is invaluable to the Academy and enables her to integrate adults with learning disabilities in workplace settings. Outside of work, Emma enjoys comedy nights and spending time with her family.

Alice Harvey – Squash Coach

Alice runs the junior squash coaching programme sessions for Silhillians Squash & Racketball Club and also provides individual coaching for both squash and racquetball for juniors and adults of all ages and abilities. As a junior, Alice regularly featured in England’s Top 10 rankings for her age group. Alice also works as a Support Worker, transferring her coaching skills to developing the lives of the children she supports in this capacity.

Osayawe ovienrioba – content producer

Osayawe works as a content producer at the Inclusive Sports Academy. Using his knowledge of branding and marketing, he is able to document and advertise our services to audiences both online and offline. 

He also maintains our websites and social media presence using his skills in web development, design etc. to create contents tailored to reach our target audiences as well as raise awareness for our programs and efforts in the community.

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