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Inclusive Educate in 2023

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

We did write a blog on Inclusive Educate back in 2022… However there have been quite a few changes made and we would like to update you on some of the new offers we have.

Firstly, what is Inclusive Educate? It is our partner business specialising in providing resources, workshops and knowledge on different areas within provision for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Here is a breakdown of some of the provision that we are holding:

Inclusive Groups: The primary aim of the Inclusive Groups Course is to upskill clubs, coaches and group leaders to have the knowledge and understanding of how to offer inclusive activity at their clubs. The structure of the course allows learners attending to be able to grasp what areas they will need to focus on to develop within their clubs, in order to become more inclusive in their offering.

Teacher Training: Our Teacher Award provides Teachers, Support Practitioners and Education support staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate Inclusive Activity within their curriculum. Our Tutors will tailor the workshop to meet the needs of the individual or group attending. We will be able to share insight and expertise on experiences we have within facilitating Inclusive Activity and be able to provide top tips to develop Education staff. Information, Advice & Guidance can be provided for staff to be able to select the appropriate equipment for their pupils and during the workshop they will be given detailed information surrounding this.

SEND toolkit: The primary aim of the SEND Toolkit is to upskill clubs, coaches and group leaders to have the knowledge and understanding of how to offer inclusive activity at their clubs. The structure of the course allows learners attending to be able to grasp what areas they will need to focus on, in order to develop within their clubs to become more inclusive in their offering.

Ready for Work: This course provides Young People with Disabilities with skills and knowledge that will benefit them as they embark on the next step in their lives.

E-Learning: This course will teach the basic skills to navigate a computer, including word, emails and E-Safety for both you and your loved one. Aimed at parents and carers of young people who are looking to gain some basic computer skills, and consists of three two hour sessions.

Club Matters Workshop: This workshop will 'help organisations to develop, grow and become more successful'. It will provide knowledge on how to further understand your audience and employees needs and ideas, and the ability to further grow your club or group successfully. This workshop is for groups, clubs and organisations looking to grow and develop, and ages 17+ in closed workshops.

Makaton Workshops: The course hosted by Amy Charlton will demonstrate how to communicate through a form of sign language called Makaton. This can range from different Levels depending on how advanced you would like to be. This is for individuals who work in settings with hard of hearing and non verbal audiences, and ages 17+.

Inclusive Development: The Primary aim of Inclusive Development is to provide SEN YP with confidence, knowledge, and transferable skills needed for professional development. Providing work experience in an inclusive environment in order to hopefully step up to volunteering on our holiday camps, at other clubs and in the future in an employed professional environment. Whilst also developing personal life skills which are necessary for a work environment.

Youth Mental Health First Aid: This course will give you the knowledge and skills on how to react to a child or young person who is having a mental health emergency. It will also give you tips and advice on how to healthily handle your own mental health. This two day long course is for any individuals who are working in a setting involving children or young people and ages 17+.

Boccia Leader Workshop: This will teach you the basic rules of boccia and how to apply it to game setting. It will also demonstrate how you can adapt the game to the player through aids like ramps and audible balls, as well as different ways to bowl.

Multi Skills Level 2: The 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-Skills Development in Sport qualifies your learners to work as independent multi-skills development coaches in sport and physical activity. Through the planning, delivery and review of a series of linked and progressive coaching sessions, they will gain an indispensable understanding of and the skills to apply the principles of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports skills to their sessions, essential to supporting people to develop sustainable active habits and achieve their goals. If your learners are ready to take on responsibility for the ongoing development of participants of various ages in this area, or if they work in Physical Education and School Sport across the curriculum, this qualification is a great next step.

If you would like to take a bit more of a look at what we do at Inclusive Educate, then please feel free to take a look at our newly updated website right here!

Feel free to enquire about our courses through email or phone with these details: or call 07743713161.

We hope to see you at one of our courses very soon, to make your skillset more inclusive!

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