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Inclusive Exercises to do at Home

Did you know that we offer an exercise at home booklet? This booklet is designed to get those with disabilities and low mobility moving when they can’t leave their home. Here is a little taste of the exercises we have for you to do!

Heel lifts So, for this exercise lift your heels off the floor and then place them back down. Make sure you keep your toes touching the ground at all times, and don't completely lift your feet from the floor. Repeat this slowly and fully to the best of your ability for 30 seconds. This will exercise the muscles in the back of your legs! Chair Marching Sit on a chair and lift each of your feet at different times, as though marching whilst sitting down. If you feel that you are physically able, please feel free to do the same with your arms. Do this for 30 seconds. You should feel by the end that you are a little warmer and your breathing has slightly sped up. This can work your thigh muscles and work your knee joints! Arm raises Raise your arms to the side and above your head, before slowly lowering them back down. Start with three and then build up as you feel able. Make it a little harder by going very slowly and hold for a second at the top before you lower your arms back down. Again, try this for 30 seconds.This will help work and tone your arm muscles! Alternate Leg extensions Straighten out one leg in front of you, then lower slowly back down. Start with 3 each leg and then build up as you see fit. Make this harder by lifting your legs slightly off the chair as you straighten them. This will work your hips and legs, as well as your spine! Arm curls Keep your elbows into your sides, bend one arm up and then slowly lower them again. Alternate each arm and do three repetitions on each side. You can make this harder by holding a small weight, bottle of water or tin of food. Again, this is a great way to work the muscles and joints in your arms! Mini Squats Stand tall and slowly bend your knees keeping your body upright, whilst holding onto the back of your chair or another firm and secure surface if you feel the need to do so. Push up and return to standing. Start with 3 repetitions then build up. Make this harder by going further into the squat and holding it for longer. Sideways Leg Lift Lift one leg slowly out to the side keeping your upper body straight. Slowly lower back down. Start with 3 repetitions with each leg and then build up. Make this harder by moving your leg very slowly and steadily. If you feel you can do more or less, feel free to work this to the best of your ability! So, that’s all the tasters we’re going to give you! There are a lot more to learn, and it’s a great way to get your limbs working and moving if you struggle to do so! These exercises can be used for any age, and always feel free to adapt them to your own ability and go for as long/short as you like.. just make sure you don’t strain or hurt yourself. These exercises are not a competition or strenuous activity, it’s simply to help improve your mobility! If you are interested in gaining one of our seated exercise booklets, or alternatively you would like to have a seating exercise session- please feel free to enquire across all of our social media platforms!

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