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More about Inclusive Pa'ing!

Updated: 6 days ago

So…. We have detailed plenty of times what we do over our term time provision, our volunteering service, as well as all of the amazing holiday camps that we run. But today we thought that we would shine a bit of a spotlight on our PA service…. Why your loved one should get involved with it, and alternatively why you should join the ISA team and become an Inclusive PA yourself!

So what is our PA service? It is a bespoke, tailored programme in which your loved one will be supported and partnered with one of our inclusive practitioners, that will be carefully matched by us. The participant will then be able to select the kind of activities they would like to do with their PA- and we can make it happen! The intention of these services are to give the participants a sense of socialisation in an environment that is not school or a family setting. This can provide new and exciting experiences for them that they may not have had the opportunity to have before. It will also decrease isolation levels, and get them out of the house and having fun. This can also act as a form of respite for the parents and carers of the individuals, who often already live busy lives and cannot always provide different experiences. So there are actually additional benefits to not just the participant, but their loved ones alike. The idea is to also give the participant someone who understands and can cater to their disabilities, and essentially act as a friend. Someone to confide in, who they enjoy spending time with. We want our participants to look forward to these sessions, and get excited about the different activities they will be getting up to! So, what are some of the things that we have done within our PA service?

  • Comedy nights

  • Food and drinks

  • Cinema

  • Rock climbing

  • Cooking sessions

  • Ice skating

  • Crafting and drawing

  • Soft play, parks and trampolining

  • Shopping

  • Bowling

  • Mini Golf

  • Horse riding

However, there are thousands of more possibilities to weave into this service, and you have the ability to be able to tailor the hours to exactly what you and your loved one are interested in. The question also stands to those who are not looking for a PA, but looking to BE a PA… Why become one? There are so many different advantages to becoming an Inclusive Practitioner: which we will detail here:

  • Hours will usually (not always) be after school or on weekends. So it is perfect if you are working in schools or a student and you’re looking for a little bit of extra money.

  • The activities will always be fun and engaging, and are not only getting our participants out of the house and socialising, but you too!

  • You can build rapport and relationships with our participants and their loved ones, creating a culture where your work will feel both valued and appreciated.

  • We will reimburse all travel expenses, e.g. petrol based on the mileage that you do whilst the participant is in your care.

  • The hours can start from four a week, so there is a chance to either build up more hours, or simply only do a few where and when is convenient for you and the participants.

So, what is the process? If you are successful within the application process (details are below) then we will match you with one of our participants who we believe is most suitable. It is important to us that the participant is comfortable and happy with you, and you are with them also! We want the relationship to feel relaxed, organic and natural. If there are any doubts from either party, there will never be any obligation to go commit to being a PA. We will take into account what the participant is after, and what kind of characteristics and skills we feel will be best suited for them. This will also be considered along with your skills and experience when you apply. So, do you want to get your loved one involved with our service, and feel as though they would benefit from having a PA then please email our project manager or call 07743713161. Alternatively, leave your details in the comments and we will be sure to get back to you. If you would like to get in touch to become an Inclusive PA, then you’re in luck! At the time of writing we are actively looking for some more PA’s. If you are interested, could you please send over your CV and contact details to, stating that you are interested in the PA position. You will require a clean DBS check, references from previous employers and some level of experience or knowledge with children and young people with SEND. We can’t wait to hear from you all. If you have any stories regarding our PA service that would like to share- send them in and let us know, or leave us a Google review. *Please note that there are certain funding criteria’s that are out of our control, and may mean that you are not eligible for the service. If you are not sure, please contact us and we can point you in the right direction. We also may not be able to match you instantly to a PA, so there may be a delay.

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