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Summer is Over!

We had the best time ever this year at our Inclusive Sports Summer Camp, and documented our plans for every single day on this blog right here!

And we have to say… that it went absolutely amazing! We are confident that our participants have all gained life skills and friends, as well as ever lasting memories that they can carry around for the rest of their lives.

We sent out a survey to the parents and carers of individuals to gain back some feedback on how we did, and if there are any areas that we could improve on. This is not just important for us to be able to tailor your experience- but to feed back to Funders.

It is so important that we gain feedback from parents and carers of participants that attend our sessions, so that we can demonstrate to our stakeholders that we are meeting their criteria. If we don’t do this, we could actually stop being funded and no longer be able to run our sessions. The feedback we receive will not take any more than 5 minutes, and can be anonymous if you wish.

Our Summer feedback is now closed, and we will be giving away prizes including a £30 Tesco voucher and a free half term of provision to three randomly selected winners. All three have now been contacted privately.

However, we did gain some really interesting information, such as…

Your top five favourite activities with us were collectively:

  1. Free Choice

  2. Making my Own Lunch

  3. Physical Sports Activities

  4. Arts & Crafts

  5. Sensory Play

63% of you found booking onto our camps ‘very easy’.

There are also a few things that you want to see from our sessions, such as:

  1. Cooking/Baking

  2. Crafts

  3. Trips

  4. Themed Activities

  5. Singing

  6. Just keeping things the same

…And many more! We will keep all of this in mind not only for our future holiday camps, but term time provision too!

There is also some general feedback that we would love to share with you… here are some of our favourites!

“Thank you for everything you do. It's very much appreciated and I hope that the service continues for many years to come. Staff are always kind, caring, patient and understanding and I always feel comfortable that he is being taken care of and that he is happy!”

“Keep doing what you do, you are all amazing, we would be lost without you.”

“I would just like to say a big thank you. This was a lifeline for me as a parent and also for T. He enjoyed all activities and being able to be at a club that he could be himself is amazing. Staff are amazing and are there for each child. Thank you to you all.”

“Very professional, well organised, staff seemed very experienced and well trained. It's the best place for children with SEN needs. My son's behaviour changed massively, he was a lot calmer and happier Every time he came back to the club. Staff there are Brilliant. Thank you so much you have made a massive difference to him and my family.”

“The team has been amazing as always and the children have come home everyday with messy faces and happy hearts.”

“For the first time in years my son has not stopped talking about friendships he has made and activities he has done without me. It’s been so positive The staff are a credit to you and never ever did I feel like it was a babysitting club it was actually what it says on the tin Inclusive sports Inclusive everything to be honest. This scheme is priceless.”

“You all do an amazing job, you're all so patient, caring and friendly. Anyone you can be approached if there's a concern or worry. It's very much appreciated, thank you.”

“This is a rare safe space for her and it was so lovely to see her excited for each session. Thank you to all the staff, you are all amazing!!”

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and suggestions. All of it is so useful for us as an organisation, and we will be sure to feed it back to the council to help us secure future funding for holidays.

Our survey is now officially closed. However, if you would like to provide more feedback for us, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and send us a message through any of our social media platforms- or alternatively send an email over to

We also want to just say a massive thank you to everyone who attended our camps, helped out, donated or simply just took a few minutes of their day to give us some feedback. All of these different aspects mean that we can run future camps to the best of our ability, and ensure that we are meeting all criteria.

Our term time will be starting up again on Monday 11th September, which you can now book onto using this link right here. We will also be running a SEND fun day on 9th September- which will provide the opportunity for people wanting to know more about our service to come along and ask any questions, and see what we have on offer. It is completely free and is for the whole family, so please make sure to pay us a visit!

We will also be running some more sessions at Halloween and Christmas, so make sure to keep an eye on your social media platforms and emails to be sure not to miss out!

If you would like to book onto our newsletter mailing list to make sure that you are the first to hear anything, then please DM us your email address and you can be added on for exclusive updates and early access for all information.

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