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Who Are Inclusive Support Hub?

In this post we detail what our partner business Inclusive Support Hub do to help other companies within the community. Inclusive Sports has a few different partner businesses, did you catch our blog post on Inclusive Educate? Well, we thought today we could share some information on Inclusive Support Hub. So, what is Inclusive Support Hub? It is essentially a service designed to support and mentor other small businesses, charities and CIC’s much like us. The idea is to give them the advice they need to flourish and prosper, just that little push so that they can properly succeed! How do we do this? It’s through a range of different ways! For example, we will help with gaining support and funding. This will be through techniques such as a successful way to write a bid, as well as how to successfully seek funding. This can be a particularly hard place to start as you need to know what to say and where to look... We know, we've done it ourselves! Branding and marketing is another aspect that we can help with. It’s extremely important to cement a strong sense of branding through values, colours, and tone. We can help with that, alongside designing both print and online promotional material for your marketing. Social media presence, linking platforms and demonstrating how to schedule, post and what makes a professional social media space. Also, why it is so important to have a sleek and updated social media presence within marketing. Each different company will require a different set of steps and advice- you may be massively developed in one area and under-developed in another. However, this can all be discussed with an initial consultation. We will tailor our service and support to suit your needs and ensure that you are getting the most possible out of our support hub. Why do we do this? As a community interest company, we know exactly how tough it can be getting set up and knowing what to do to create a successful business that benefits the community. We feel it’s so important that there is an outlet to offer that support and help uplift other young entrepreneurs, that are in it for change rather than profit. We also know how hard it was to get back up off our feet after the knock that all businesses had due to the pandemic. So many may just need a stepping stone to get them back onto the ladder again. Believe it or not- even a few years on, some unfortunately still aren’t quite recovered. Not just that- but one of the main aspects of helping other companies simply broadens our network and gives us more connections to work with others. The domino effect never ends, as constantly collaborating will just keep on creating more partnerships! Who can use our service? Individuals with a community interest company or small business, or evens someone looking to simply just start something up are more than welcome to enquire for our help. All of this will also be determined at an initial meeting- but please don't be shy to get in touch! How to contact This is a new up and coming service for us, so we are still in the process of properly publishing content on our social media and pushing out a website. However, we are already taking plenty of CICs (some you may know!) under our wing and it couldn’t be going better! If you would like to use Inclusive Support Hub to help support your service, then please send an email to or take a look at our social media platforms.

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