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Lets Talk Feedback.

Today, we would like to take a moment to discuss the importance of feedback, and why we ask everyone who attends to regularly fill out surveys, review forms and feedback sheets. 

We get it, it can be annoying! This is why we like to make our feedback surveys as short and concise as possible, that will only take a few minutes to complete. You can provide us with as much or as little information as you would like- and it is all super user friendly. 

There are a million reasons that we ask for feedback, but here are a few: 

-Some of our funders require feedback to ensure that we are using their funds correctly. This is all part of receiving bids, and therefore without a substantial amount of feedback, there is a chance that we may lose out on future funding, and be unable to run our services. 

-To ensure that we are meeting the wants and needs of everyone involved. We of course always want to offer a bespoke and inclusive experience to everyone who attends. If there is something that we aren’t doing that you feel like we should be, then please let us know. 

-We love to hear your ideas! If there is an activity you feel that we would be great for us, we would absolutely love to hear it. 

-If you are unhappy with something that we are doing, but feel uncomfortable telling us, don’t worry! We will take all criticism constructively, and there will always be an option to fill out our form completely anonymously. 

-We want you to know that as an Inclusive Sports customer, your thoughts and suggestions are highly valued and appreciated. Therefore, we want to create a space in which you will be heard and understood. 

-We believe that your feedback is integral to growing our services, and becoming more vibrant and varied with your suggestions. The more we know, the more we can grow!

We would like to take a moment to thank every person who provided us with feedback for our Easter HAF half term services. Here are just a few of our favourite pieces of feedback: 

“You all work so hard for the children and I’d like to thank each and everyone of you. The children always have a great time and you keep them safe, thank you again.”

“The staff are absolutely amazing, and I know that my child is so well cared for and looked after and has learned new skills more than he would do at school. I have nothing but praise for Inclusive, Sports Academy.”

“My child was up early every morning, waiting by the door to attend the camp, he even mentioned it during his EHCP review as something he enjoyed, he isn't very verbal so only says what he really needs/wants to, so the fact camp came up is high praise!”

“Thank you so much to all the staff at inclusive sports! You make my son so happy! 

He is beyond happy with what you provided.”

If you wish to provide feedback to us, but you are struggling- don’t worry! Simply let us know, and a member of the team will be happy to assist you in the office, at a club or via phone call. Alternatively, please feel free to send over feedback via email, phone call or text! 

Please call: 07743713161 or 07547227639. 

Most importantly, we highly appreciate and value any feedback via our Google form. This feedback helps us massively as a brand, and for stakeholders when researching us. It is super easy to leave a Google review, and it can be as long and as short as you would like! Please only leave a review if you have attended our services, and ensure that everything is constructive and honest.

We hope that we receive your feedback in the near future, and thank you for taking the time to read this blog about it's importance!

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