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We review your Feedback!

We go through some of the wonderful feedback that we received for our summer camp!

Now that the summer holiday camps have come to an end, we would absolutely love to share some of the wonderful feedback that we have received. *All names of the participants have been censored Here are some of our favourite quotes from the camp feedback survey we recently sent out: “Really pleased with the sessions, considering how anxious he was for his first time, he loved every session and was buzzing for each.” “The children had so much fun this summer, this was their first time here, they loved the party and the visit from the animal man.” “This has been our first holiday camp with you and my child has loved every session, offered a mixture of activity days which suited need has been great. We will definitely be back.” “The amazing staff are beyond words! They provide our children with more than just a holiday club.. they provide a safe, caring and supportive place where they can be free to enjoy the activities, incredible experiences and days out filled with the fun that comes along with it! My son had gained so much from being at club and is so sad it is ending! Thank you so much to the whole team at inclusive sports academy!” “Everything was great. Great team of people to support young persons.” “As a parent this is the first time we've been able to access something like this for P. Watching her run in without looking back knowing she was understood and would be happy and safe was such a good feeling for me and it provided P with an amazing experience. Thank you to everyone who ran the sessions at Three Trees.” “All staff is friendly and on a couple of trips I got excellent feedback how well behaved my son was. This was brilliant to hear.” “She enjoyed all the activities. The in-house sessions suited her well and she found a love for archery which is amazing. She also enjoyed the visit from the police, she told us all about it afterwards.” “Always accommodating, efficient and J really loves the staff there.” “From a parent point of view, I’m very pleased to have found this group which offers so many activities and experiences. The staff are helpful and thoughtful.” “He has really enjoyed coming to club and he has felt safe and able to access summer camp activities in a way he hasn't been able to in the past. He has enjoyed the trips and I have always felt like he was safe too. Thank you to the whole team for a wonderful summer for H and for allowing me to have some time with his siblings. We really appreciate everything you do and all the hard work and effort you all put into giving the children a lovely holiday.” Thank you to everyone for your such kind words! 66.7% of you told us that you found booking on ‘very easy’. However, we want this figure to be at 100% so everyone can book on! Therefore, we have introduced Class for Kids to make booking on to all our sessions easier than ever. At the time of our survey taking place, only 50% registered with us. If you are finding it difficult to sign up, we are more than happy to help with drop-in sessions at Three Trees Community Centre. Please get in touch with Claire through email or phone 07547227639. On this system, you can book all our term time provision as well as holiday projects also when they are launched. We also listened to your favourite and least favourite activities on the camp, and we listened! Top mentions were our end of term party, the animal man Warren and the Kingshurst World War 2 bunkers. We will analyse all the activities that weren’t enjoyed as much to make sure we are producing camps that are as fun as possible. We want to make sure that we keep on providing activities that you all enjoy! We also received so many great suggestions for our upcoming Christmas Camps. We can’t wait to announce what we have in store for the festive period, and we want to ensure that we have taken all your feedback on board! We massively appreciate all of you who have spent your time to give us your massively valuable feedback. It is so valued and is imperative to us receiving our funding to run all our summer projects. If you would like to leave us a Google review, please follow this link. Please feel free to leave your own feedback in the comments box, we would absolutely love to hear it and we are always open for constructive criticism. Anything that we can do to make our services better is a huge advantage. *It is so important that we receive feedback from our camps and sessions to make sure that we have evidence to feed back to our funders. If we don't receive any, then we will be unable to run future projects. So again, thank you to those who took the time out to complete our survey!*

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