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Summer 2022 is over!

Summer is finally over... and we couldn't have had a better time. Let's recap all of the activities that we have done over the past five weeks!

Week One: The first day was meeting up with some old friends from past camps and our term time sessions! Allowing our participants to revisit old friendships and create some new was so lovely to see. Also easing our participants into the summer fun with a nice relaxing in house session full of sports activities, arts and crafts and gaming was a fab way to start off our camp!

We had more than one trip this week! The first time we were off to the cinema followed by a game of Hollywood Bowl. We absolutely loved getting our participants out and about doing something a little bit different and having a vibrant, varied day of activity! We also managed to get out to the Commonwealth Games to watch the cricket- we absolutely loved being able to get the CYP out to such a historical event and see history be made in our city! We rounded the week off with some sporting fun with Mo Sarwar doing a few fun sporty activities which always go down a treat with our participants. Week two: Week two kicked off with lots of healthy eating activities, teaching all our participants the importance of a balanced diet and what makes a healthy meal. We also had a visit from Warren the animal man who brought in a variety of weird and wonderful creatures for us all to see! Ranging from lizards to spiders, and even snakes! We did get a few squeals of terror but overall it was a complete hit!

Another week where we were lucky enough to get two trips! The first being to the Mad Museum in Stratford which boasted all different kinds of scientific facts and displays. Our participants not only had a great time learning about all different kinds of scientific aspects, but also had lots of fun whilst doing it! We also managed to get out to the Commonwealth a second time and see some more of the cricket… And of course, we all loved it! On top of Warren visiting one of our residential days, we also had a magician come and present a show to us all! The afternoon was full of tricks and magic that had all our participants completely hooked! A magical end to week two of our Inclusive Sports Summer Camp! Week three: Week three was another week positively packed full of fun! We kicked off with an Inclusive Sports Talent Show- an activity that had proved to be a massive hit on last years camps. All our participants had the opportunity to showcase their special talents, there was singing, dancing, magic and some football tricks! We loved giving the opportunity to our participants to be able to express themselves onstage in a way that they may not have had opportunity to do before.

We also visited the World War 2 bunkers for our trip, which was a day of non-stop activity. Not only were we able to go and experience the bunkers, but we also had plenty of physical activity to get stuck in to around the area! It was a trip full of informative fun with lots of physical activity in between! There was a lot of muddy shoes and faces that came back to parents that day!

Rounding off the week we had a visit from the police who came to inform our young people about how and when to contact the authorities if they ever need to do so. The participants also got a chance to ride in the police cars and understand a little more about what they do. Thank you so much to Chelmsley Wood police for taking time out for us! Week Four: So on week four we dove right into some science experiments! Allowing our participants to get stuck into some informative and educational fun in a monitored environment is so important to us, and we loved seeing how much fun they had! All the science experiments we do simply include things you can likely find in your kitchen… so they can go home and show their loved ones what they learned!

We then took a visit to All Things Wild! We got to see lots of different animals and even had the opportunity to feed and pet some of the animals! Not just that, but we got to visit the dinosaurs and see what they looked like millions of years ago! And that wasn’t the last of our wild encounters that week, we also got another visit from Warren the animal man to see even more of his critter collection! Week Five: We rounded off the Inclusive Sports Summer Camp with some amazing activities! We had a go with a quiz, some karaoke and in house sport sessions with Mo playing all different kinds of sports.

We also wanted to make the most of the last of the summer rays and pay a visit to Cannon Hill Park for our last trip of the summer! Although it was a little overcast, we still had the best time with some outdoor provision and brought along our very own resident therapy dog Woody to join in with all the fun!

To finish, we threw our usual end of summer party, saying farewell to all our friends until our next camp with plenty of party food, games, and thanks! However- it doesn’t have to be farewell until the next camp! We are holding plenty of term time provision after school for our participants! The dates will be getting released very soon, but in the mean-time please contact for more information.

We would like to finish this week off with another thanks to everyone who has attended our camps this year, you have all been an absolute pleasure and it’s been an honour to host all our inclusive activities with you. Thank you so much to every single person who has helped us out and worked on our camps and also... thank you to everyone who donated to us! Every single penny and item has been so appreciated and if you would like to donate again, please click here! Everything is so appreciated in our camps.

And lastly, thank you so much to Solihull Council for our HAF funding! You have helped us support so many SEND CYP this summer and we all couldn’t be more grateful! Until next summer, everyone!

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