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2023 is Here!

Welcome back to the first Inclusive Sports blog of 2023! This week we are going to be sharing a few things that we have on, as well as a few changes going into the new year!

After such a successful year in 2022, we are more motivated than ever to bring you all the best year Inclusive Sports has had yet. So, let’s get into it! We are hoping to bring you just as much amazing term time provision this year, that you can book on to right now with our Class for Kids link. We have introduced some new sessions and we have also made a few venue changes… So here is a small breakdown of the sessions: Mondays: Inclusive Families at Three Trees Community Centre 4-5.30pm. This session is aimed at providing a space for participants and their families to bond, have fun and socialise in a space with other children and their parents/carers. Tuesdays: Inclusive Families at MAPA 3.30pm-5.30pm This session takes place at the Meriden adventure playground, and provides an outdoor space for our participants to get creative and adventurous… All in a safe, monitored environment where their disabilities are seen and understood. Inclusive Development at Hatchford Brook 5.30-8.30pm This session is aimed at our slightly older participants and is intended to encourage and help them develop life skills. This can range from CV building, E-Safety and cooking, and is directly linked to our volunteering programme which allows them to all gain some form of work experience, that will hopefully help guide them into the world of work. Thursdays: Inclusive Gaming at Three Trees Community Centre, 5-7pm (up to 13yrs) & 7-8.30pm (14-21yrs) This session focuses on gaming in all it’s forms, whether it is through a console, a board game or cards- we do it all! These sessions are great for our young people to socialise with each other and work on their teamwork skills! Saturdays: Inclusive Active at Crabtree Hall 10.45pm-12.45pm This session is intended to get our participants up and active, socialising and providing respite whilst also helping their fitness levels and mobility. Inclusive Futures at Crabtree Hall 9.30pm-10.30pm Our extra tuition session focuses on providing extra support to our CYP, who may be struggling to keep up with their school work either due to COVID, or setbacks caused by their disabilities. These group sessions also provide an educational setting outside of a school environment. Inclusive Youth/Development at Crabtree Hall 10-12pm *every other weekend* This session follows the same structure as our Tuesday session, but instead takes place on the weekend! Unfortunately we are saying goodbye to our lovely term time coordinator Claire this January, so can all term time enquiries please be sent out to from now on. Now, everyone’s favourite… Camps! Unfortunately there will be no February half term camps this year, however we are hoping to bring you Easter, Summer and Christmas camps all over again for 2023! This all depends on funding, but if all goes to plan, we are so excited to be hosting even more amazing sessions. Please keep an eye out on our newsletters, social media and emails to inform when you can book onto these services. Of course, we are also bringing in our PA service into the new year, and we are still providing plenty of provision on a 1:1 basis for you and your loved ones. For all of enquiries, including holiday camps, please forward everything to or call 07743713161! Our founder and director Andy Warmington also has a message for everyone going into the new year: “We are fortunate to have received funding from Solihull MBC to support with providing Physical Activity & Wellbeing Provision for Children & Young People through the Short Breaks contract. This funding will enable us to have a wider impact for children across the Borough using 2 sites (Hatchford & Crabtree) all year round on a weekly basis. We will be looking to build on and develop our Term Time, PA & HAF Services to ensure we are able to remove barriers for CYP with SEND in participating in regular activities. We will continue to explore new initiatives that are diverse so we can accommodate the needs of children who attend our programmes.” Here are a few goals and things that the Inclusive Sports team is looking forward to this year! Ci: Although Ci doesn’t believe in New Years resolutions, he is looking forward to starting to volunteer at Birmingham New Street alongside his role at Inclusive Sports! Good luck Ci! Kat: Kat intends to give up smoking this year, so we are wishing her all the luck, we know that you can do it! One thing she is really looking forward to is her 50th celebrations coming very soon in February… Happy Birthday Kat! Eva: Eva intends to get back to the gym in 2023, so we will all be motivating her in the office! She is also really looking forward to her holiday with her friends in Ibiza… Don’t have too much fun without us! Caitlin: Caitlin’s goal for 2023 is to pass her driving test in April and move house, lots of big changes! She is looking forward to lots of different concerts all over the country she has booked throughout the year! Lots of fun, exciting stuff! We would love to hear any of your goals or resolutions in our comments section, as well as things that you are looking forward to in 2023! If you missed it, we also documented a year in Inclusive Sports, and all of the fantastic things we did in 2022 on our last blog! Why not go over and give it a read to get an idea of other things that may be running this year! From everyone here at Inclusive Sports, Happy New Year!

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