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2024 is here!

Welcome to the first Inclusive Sports blog of 2024! We had such an amazing year in Inclusive Sports in 2023, and we absolutely can’t wait to tell you all about our plans for the upcoming 12 months. 

So firstly- our term time sessions! This is the provision that we run throughout the majority of the year, and are already available to book on through Class for Kids! 


Inclusive Families 

Three Trees 



Meriden Adventure Park 



Inclusive Youth and Inclusive Development 

Langley Secondary School



Winter Warm Hub 

Renewal Church 



Inclusive Gaming 

Three Trees 


Inclusive Info 

Three Trees 



Inclusive Futures

Crabtree Hall 


We currently do not run any sessions on Fridays and Sundays, however we do offer a bespoke PA service that provides 1:1 support and provision to our CYP. We do not have control over whether you are eligible for PA sessions, however we are happy to discuss this with you and see how we can help. For more info regarding this, please drop an email to or give us a call on 07743713161. 

Of course, we will be continuing to deliver our very much loved holiday provision in each half term, to ensure that our services continue to benefit our participants during their time off school. Each camp will be announced well in advance for you to book your space, and we will also be more than happy to provide any information that you need in the meantime! 

We would love to take a moment to introduce some new staff that are joining the Inclusive Sports team this year, and will be working hard behind the scenes to help deliver all of our amazing sessions to you. 

Liyah Neale will be helping with administrative duties to ensure our data is up to date and relevant. 

Sophie Monnington will support the PA service and ensure that all your details are up to date, participants and staff alike. 

Damian King has also joined the team as our Young People’s Coordinator & lead for our Reaching Communities Project.

Louise Abbott is also on board and will be supporting our team in the office as project admin for planning ISA services.

We also have our remaining core staff from 2023 with Andy, Kat, Caitlin and Eva. 

We will also be continuing to deliver our partner businesses services: 

Sporty Minds is our collaborative project with Ordinary Magic, which delivers a range of elite sport to young people across Solihull. 

Inclusive Educate is our training provider which works to up-skill individuals in the world of SEND. We are also introducing our E-Learn initiative in the new year! 

Inclusive Support Hub looks to provide our skills and knowledge for other CICs in the area to flourish and prosper. 

If you would like to stay caught up with all things Inclusive Sports, we ask for you to sign up to our Newsletter! This will be sent out every six weeks, and provide you with a range of updates, news, changes and early access to book onto our services and holiday announcements. You can join by signing up here, or alternatively send your details over to and she will get you all signed up. 

If you have used our services in the last year and would like to share your thoughts, we would love it if you could please leave a review on our Google business page right here. Reviews like this are so important for us to be able to receive funding, and of course we always love to see any positive feedback that you may have to help us improve our services. 

If you are looking to starting a new business in the new year, we are also looking to franchise Inclusive Sports into other areas across the UK! Please find more details here on our franchise website, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to get involved, or know someone else who may want to join in! 

As always, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to our services this year, as well as anyone who has donated, reviewed or recommended us. We are so extremely grateful and we can’t wait to make 2024 even bigger and better than any year so far! 

Happy New Year everyone!

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