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Inclusive Educate in 2024

If you’ve been around a while, you will know that we have a few partner businesses that cover different areas of inclusion in the community. Inclusive Educate Ltd is our partner training provider, that specialises up-skilling in the SEND community. They can be applied to a range of audiences, including parents and carers, group and club leaders, teachers as well as SEND individuals themselves. 

We have chatted about a few of our courses on a blog before that you can read right here. It will give you some more information on the following courses: 

-Inclusive Groups 

-Teacher Training 

-Ready for work 

-Club Matters Workshop 

-Makaton Workshops 

-Inclusive Development 

-Youth Mental Health First Aid 

-Boccia Leader Workshop 

-Multi skills level 2 

Here are some of the new courses that we have recently introduced: 

SEND Independence:

The primary aim of SEND independence is to provide SEND young people with the confidence, knowledge and transferable skills needed for professional development. Providing work experience in an inclusive environment in order to hopefully step up to volunteering on our holiday camps, at other clubs and in the future in an employed professional environment. This goes hand in hand with our Inclusive Development sessions that take place in our team time.

Marketing Basics: 

This course is aimed at people who are looking to start up their own CIC or small business, and goes hand with our other partner business, Inclusive Support Hub. This course will go over the basics of marketing, and provide you with the skills to competently market your business to a high entry level standard. 

Computer Basics: 

This course is available for both parents and carers as well as SEND individuals themselves, and will provide the basic knowledge needed to competently operate a computer. 

Bereavement Training: 

Did you know that around 1 in 29 children have experienced the death of an immediate family member, which is roughly one child per class. Therefore, it is important that we understand what support and help to offer as a professional. This course covers what grief is and how to navigate these difficult conversations, loss and grief theories, how trauma and grief can affect individuals and what support is available. 

ASD Training:

This training is targeted at support staff who work directly with children in the community who are autistic or have neuro-divergent conditions. The course covers legislation and policies, including the Oliver McGowan guidance, what autism is, the triad of impairment and AS profiles as well as how to support children with autism, mechanisms and strategies for support. 

SEND systems and processes:

This course is ideal for individuals who are running community services and courses with SEND. This training will help support your organisation and to understand what legal requirements are, how to adapt them and provide the best support possible. This course will cover policy and legislation, reasonable adjustments and risks, assessment of need, medication as well as what happens when things go wrong and the staffing ratio and skills required. 

Record Keeping for the community sector:

This training is for managers or supervisors in the voluntary and community sector to be able to support their staff teams in record keeping. This training covers GDPR and law, roles and responsibilities, what good recording keeping looks like and how to support staff.

Social Media Marketing:

This training will provide you with all of the inside information you need to know to successfully market your business across social media. You will learn exactly what each platform does and what kind of content you should produce for each. This course has been curated and will be graded and assessed by an experienced social media manager.

If you are interested in taking one of our courses but you are a little unsure of which avenue to take, then please take our free quiz that will suggest which course may be the right fit for you. Or of course, get in touch with us directly. 

We have also introduced a brand new E-Learn initiative, which means that we have courses that are available to do completely remotely! It is simple to get involved, simply register with our website, we will send you a login after payment is made- and you will be good to go. (Please note that payments and quotes will vary from course to course) Each E-Learn will entail of a power-point course, with a written assessment required after which will be assessed and graded by the team. 

Currently, the following courses are available for E-Learn: 

Inclusive Groups 

Teacher Training 

SEND Independence

Marketing Basics

Computer Basics 

Social Media Marketing 

If you would like to get involved with Inclusive Educate, whether you are a parent or carer, group leader, teacher or small business owner… We would love to have you on board! Please drop an email to for anything to do with E-Learning, and for general enquiries please get in touch with Please make sure to follow the socials of Inclusive Educate here, to keep up to date with any new courses, training dates and other important info to keep in the loop. 

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