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2023 at Inclusive Sports Academy!

Just like every year, we like to do a small wrap up to look back on what we have gotten up to! It's just as well that 2023 has been a big year for many different reasons...

Our cult classic term time favourites have remained a hit in the form of Inclusive Families, MAPA, Youth/Development, Gaming and Futures. We are proud to say that we have also stepped up our volunteer programme which has already proved to be so beneficial to so many of our young people. We sadly said goodbye to our Saturday active sessions, however we are happy to announce that we will be introducing a couple of brand new term time session pilots in 2024! Stay tuned across our socials for more info.

We have run a few extremely successful camps this year, including Summer and Halloween alongside lots of amazing trips and opportunities. As usual, we had so much fun and it kept us all very busy. As you all know, this will be completed by our Christmas Camp that is coming in the first week of 2024. 

Our PA service has also been utilised to its full potential this year, with lots of fun, innovative and bespoke activities on offer. Some of these trips range from the Gruffalo discovery land, the zoo and lots of soft play as well as 1:1 socialising with our PAs. If you would like to become a PA or have your loved one get involved, please contact in the New Year! 

We sadly said goodbye to a few of our core members of the Inclusive Sports team this year, including our Term Time coordinator Claire Black, Junior Content Producer Ci Brennan and business administrator Lucy Hancock. However, we have added two more members to the team in the form of brand new administrators Sophie Monnington and Liyah Neale. Both who are passionate about SEND provision and started out as sessional workers and PAs! We also want to take a quick moment to thank every single member of the Inclusive Sports team whether you have helped us with one session or one hundred! You’re all amazing and we wouldn’t be able to run our sessions without you on board. We hope to keep adding to our workforce in the new year as our client base grows bigger, and ideas culminate into even bigger and better projects. 

We have also said hello and goodbye to lots of participants across the Solihull borough. We have loved providing our services to friendly faces both familiar and new. We hope that we have given you a 2023 to remember, with lots of new and innovative ideas and experiences whether that is through PA days out, our camps or coming round to visit us after school. If you have visited any of our services this year, it would massively help if you could leave us a small review on our Google business page. 

We have received so much generous funding this year to help run all of our projects, with some notable organisations being the NHS, SMBC, Solihull Fairer Futures All Age Autism, Severn Trent, Trusthouse, HAF and Becketts. We have also paired up with lots of amazing local organisations like Our Voices Heard and many more. 

Speaking of collaborations, we have also paired up with local CIC Ordinary Magic to make up the new sporting provider Sporty Minds, which will be delivering active provision across Solihull in the form of elite competition. If you would like to know some more about this exciting and innovative endeavour, please visit the website here. 

A quick reminder that we are going to be out of office from Thursday 21st December 2023, and we will be returning to office on Tuesday 2nd January 2024. This means that we will not be replying to emails, calls, texts or social media messages until we’re back. We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

We will be kicking off 2024 with our much anticipated Christmas Camp that will last from Tuesday 2nd- Friday 5th and be full of exciting provision to keep the festivities going! 

Another reminder that term-time will not be back until Monday 8th January 2024. Please keep an eye out on our Class for Kids link for when bookings will go live for this. We can’t wait to see you all back! 

Lastly, we want to take a moment to say a big thank you to every single person who came along to our session, worked with us on a scheme and donated to us. Also to all of our funders who have made all of the projects possible. 

We promise to make 2024 just as good if not better than 2023. We would love to bring out even more term time provision, PA services and seasonal camps that are bigger and better than ever before. If you would like to always be in the loop with what we’re up to, then please make sure to sign up to our newsletter that we send out every six weeks! We also have a donation page that is open to take any contributions if you are able to do so. 

So from everyone at Inclusive Sports Academy, have a wonderful Christmas if you do celebrate and a very happy new year. 

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