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Say Hello to Sporty Minds!

Back in 2023, Inclusive Sports and other local CIC Ordinary Magic joined forces and came up with the combined idea of Sporty Minds. With our combined expertise and experience, as well as a shared and collaborative approach, there is an opportunity to reach countless individuals. 

We wanted to be able to provide a safe and inclusive environment where children and young people can use sport as an outlet to benefit their mental health. This will be done by breaking down the barriers that individuals often experience within the world of sport.

We aim to: 

-Develop children’s connection to the community 

-Building resilience 

-Problem solving 

-Learning to care for their bodies and minds 

-Provide families a chance to reconnect through sport 

Every event that we host is run by a team of experienced professionals within the community sector, and by coaches who specialise in certain sports fields. This will ensure that everything we run will be to the highest standard, and you will be receiving the best possible service and training. 

It is so important that individuals who are taking part in competitive sports have an outlet for their mental health. We will be providing a service to local children who are seeking support, advice and therapy within performance sports at elite level. We understand through learned experiences that there is a lack of support within this sector, and we aim to break down that barrier and allow children to get the extra help that they need. 

We have hosted several extremely successful events so far through Sporty Minds with local schools across the borough. This includes a Winter Fest, Tennis tournament, trampolining event and more.

We would love for you to follow our Sporty Minds social media pages, to keep up to date with what we are hosting in the Solihull area. 

If you would like to visit our website, please visit this link right here.

For any questions at all, please simply drop us a message and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

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