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How our Service benefits Parents and Carers!

We usually spend a lot of time especially through blog posts explaining how and why our service is so great and beneficial for our particpants.. this week we thought we would shine a light on those for our parents and carers!

We reckon it would be useful to hear from some of them first hand. Here are a few reviews left by parents and carers through our Google business page. (We would really appreciate it if you have used our service and take some time out to review us too! It only takes a couple minutes of your time!) They detail why they use our service and a few of the different benefits it provides to them and their CYP: “Inclusive Sports are always helpful and supportive and I feel confident leaving my son with them at all times. I’ve had bad experiences in the past so it’s difficult for me to leave my son and relinquish control but I have no issues leaving him with the obviously capable and highly trained staff. The staff are always welcoming and you can see that they enjoy being with and spending time with the children. I’m so happy to have found inclusive sports and I hope that the service continues as my son approaches his teens and beyond.” We absolutely love that this parent feels that they can leave their loved one in our care. This is what our service is all about, we don’t do what we do just for the participants but their parents and carers alike! We understand how hard it is to be able to find adequate childcare, especially within the SEND sector. We believe it is so important for all parents and carers to be able to confidently leave their loved ones in our care, with the full confidence that they will be supported, encouraged and understood all whilst having a great time! Parent respite is important, and with a busy, fast paced life it is a must! We are extremely proud of all of our highly trained and capable staff that ensure this environment is as inclusive as possible. We carefully handpick all of our workers to ensure that not only are they passionate about SEND, but they also love interacting with our children and young people alike. We believe that happiness is infectious, and that is why we have worked so hard to create our current work culture that thrives off all of our positive energy! “My 12 year old has been unable to attend any groups without me for a few years but Inclusive Sports has been amazing and she has been attending for a couple of months. She loves every session and has grown in confidence. I am so glad we have found them so my daughter finally has some independence.” Independence to grow and learn away from family and educational settings is something that we believe is crucial to our CYP’s development and growth. This is why we provide a session called Inclusive Families that allows members to come along with their relative, and settle them into our services before beginning to leave them fully in our care. We have found that easing this transition is a great thing for growth and settling them in, to prevent rushing them in without support. This will allow the individual to not only grow their confidence, but allow you as a parent or carer to feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of leaving them with us, which we understand can be a really difficult thing to do. We now have a booking system through Class for Kids which allows parents to easily book onto all of our services, either for term time provision or for our PA service. This has made it a lot more streamlined and convenient for individuals who may not have time to deal with endless booking forms and always keeping an eye out for any social media announcements! Please remember that we do send out a monthly newsletter, carefully curated by the team to provide all guardians of our participants with all of the information that they need for the upcoming four weeks. This can include new sessions, camp announcements as well as other things we have going on and staff spotlights that will allow you to learn more about us as a team. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, then please send an email over to We also work to make sure that all of our services are as affordable as possible. We understand that especially in the current climate it can be hard for a lot of families to find the money to be able to provide their children with adequate childcare, experiences and memories.

This is why we provide all of our services with the lowest price tags possible, as well as offers and discounts to individuals who are either eligible for free school meals or have low household incomes. We also heard a lot of your feedback, and whilst we know how important weekly and half-term provision was, we have now introduced weekend activities for CYP. This provides a form of respite for parents over the weekend also, and provides more time in order to get any chores or errands completed that may have been difficult otherwise, as well as providing time for your own leisure! Down-time and opportunities to do what you enjoy in a peaceful environment is extremely important for every parent- and this is exactly why we introduced more sessions! We are also open to begin hosting workshops and feedback sessions where and when possible. These events will be opportunities for you to give us any feedback that you may like to share, or guideline advice surrounding budgeting as a way that we can contribute our own support and knowledge in the cost of living crisis. If you are interested in getting involved with something like this, please do not hesitate to contact If you are looking for any services, advice or have some feedback as a parent or carer then we would absolutely love to hear from you. Please drop them in the comments below, or if you would like to have a private conversation with a member of staff, then please check out the contact page on our website or connect through any of our social media accounts. We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and belief in our service. It is always a pleasure to provide your loved ones with our activities.

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