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The Inclusive Sports Quiz

We thought for something a little bit different this time, that instead of providing a blog for you, that we would do a little Inclusive Sports quiz… To see if you’ve been paying attention! Give yourself a point for every single one you get right and let us know how you did! The answers will be at the end! 1) What are the six company values of Inclusive Sports? A) Inclusivity, Respect, Positivity, Loyalty, Partnership, Good Stewardship B) Inclusivity, Positivity, Friendship, Punctuality, Loyalty, Organisation C) Inclusivity, Organisation, Good Stewardship, Love, Respect, Friendship 2) We have recently had somebody new joining the team, who was it? A) Claire B) Caitlin C) Chloe 3) Where do we host our Inclusive Sports outdoor sessions for our participants to get some fresh air on Tuesday evenings? A) Tudor Grange Playground B) Meriden Adventure Playground C) Lode Lane Playground 4) What is our partner training business called? A) Inclusive Up-skill B) Inclusive Training C) Inclusive Educate 5) Where are our offices based? A) The Onward Club B) Three Trees Community Centre C) The Enterprise Centre 6) What is our logo motto? A) Sport is for everyone B) Making sport inclusive C) Sport for all 7) What year was Inclusive Sports Academy formed? A) 2013 B) 2018 C) 2015 8) Which member of the team usually does our Makaton content? A) Andy B) Ci C) Kat 9) What sessions do we allow walk ins on? A) Holiday Camps B) Inclusive Families C) NONE! We never do walk ups! 10) How many weeks do we hold our Summer Camp for? A) Five weeks B) Four weeks C) Six weeks 11) If you need any support with your CIC, what is the name of our partner business that can help and support you? A) Inclusive Helping Hands B) Inclusive Support Hub C) Inclusive Community Aid 12) Which of the following companies is NOT one of our funders? A) Solihull Council B) Argos C) Heart of England 13) How many half term camps have we held so far? A) Four B) Six C) Five 14) Do we offer free or discounted provision for individuals who are eligible for free school meals? A) Yes B) No C) Sometimes 15) What is the name of our programme that allows our participants to graduate into a coaching and eventual full-time role at Inclusive Sports? A) Inclusive Opportunities B) Accredited Pathway Programme C) Inclusive Careers ANSWER REVEAL: 1) The answer is A! Inclusivity, Respect, Positivity, Loyalty, Partnership, Good Stewardship. 2) The answer is A! The new member is Claire! 3) The answer is B! The Meriden Adventure Playground. 4) The answer is C! Our partner business is Inclusive Educate. You can research some more on our website here! 5) The answer is B! We are based at the lovely Three Trees Community Centre! 6) The answer is A! Sport is for everyone because it is! 7) The answer is C! Inclusive Sports was founded by Andy Warmington in 2015. 8) The answer is B! Although most of our staff is trained in Makaton, Ci is usually the one who does all our Makaton content on our socials! 9) The answer is C! We don’t allow walk ins to strictly ANY of our sessions at across all-Inclusive Sport’s services. This is to ensure that we have the most inclusive and safe environment as possible! 10) The answer is A! We hold our summer camp for five weeks! Stay tuned across our platforms for our announcement coming very soon! 11) The answer is B! If you would like some more information on Inclusive Support Hub, why not visit their socials? 12) The answer is B! We have many wonderful Funders but unfortunately Argos is not one of them! 13) The answer is A! We have held four successful camps so far: Summer 2021, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter! 14) The answer is A! We offer both free and discounted services for individuals who are eligible for free school meals! 15) The answer is B! If you or a loved one would like to get involved with our Accredited Pathway Programme then please get in touch! How did you do? 1-5 New here? Never mind! If this is the start of your Inclusive Sports experience, then we hope you have now learned something new! Make sure you are following our social media platforms to always be up to date on everything Inclusive Sports! 6-10 Get Revising! Okay so you know SOME things Inclusive Sports… but your knowledge could do with a little dusting up! 11-15 Inclusive Champion! Wow! You know more about Inclusive Sports than we do! Want a job?

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