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A Day in the Life at Inclusive Sports Academy

he day in the life of Ci, one of our team members at Inclusive Sports! Have you ever wondered what goes on in a day in the life of an Inclusive Sports worker? Well, wonder no more. We followed our junior content producer Ci around for the day, for you to get a better insight on life at ISA. 9am-10am. Admin time! Start the day with a few little usual tasks that need to be done every single morning. So, scouring through all our social media and recording all our interactions for our analytic files. Also checking registers throughout the day to again keep all our files up to date. Don’t forget to kindly offer everyone a tea or coffee! All important regular to-dos! 10am-11am Session time. Holding several different activities to improve the lives of vulnerable members of our community! This could be archery, boccia or bowls! Coaching time is the most active and inclusive part of the day! 11am-12.30pm Do some course tasks! Getting a qualification and learning on the job is not only a great opportunity, but is fun and challenging as well! 12:30pm-1pm Out of office… Lunch time! 1pm-3.30pm Another session that is off the Three Trees grounds! Travelling to another centre in the Solihull area gives wider opportunities for individuals living with SEND. This can be in a variety of different locations such as Saxon Court, Tudor Grange Leisure Centre or the Onward Club. 3.30pm-5pm Set up for our after-school provision for our younger participants! This can range from anything like collecting snacks and drinks for them, to helping take over equipment and preparing fun activities like quizzes and crosswords. Quick Fire Q&A: What’s your favourite task to do throughout the day? I love doing the annual leave calendar because I’m in charge of approving everyone’s leave. It’s one of my responsibilities. What is your least favourite task to do? I don’t have a least, I don’t think. It just depends on how my day is. Do the days go quick or slow? Sometimes they go quick, sometimes slow. It just depends on what I’m doing. What are your main challenges throughout the day? Trying to remember stuff and write stuff down! What’s your favourite lunch to have? A café lunch definitely! Jacket potato with baked beans and a cup of tea! What’s your favourite day to work? Probably Friday because I can have the office all to myself! What would you say to someone who is looking to work at Inclusive Sports? Expect the unexpected. Because you might get times where you must stand in or help out, you might have training. Everyday is different. Do you like working at Inclusive Sports? I’m going to say yes. Because everyone is so inclusive and so understanding of my disability. Do YOU want to have a work day like Ci? Then why don't you send over your CV and a couple reasons why you would fit into the Inclusive Sports office to

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