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Our MAPA Sessions

So, we would like to shine a spotlight every now and then on our blog on a specific session that we hold throughout term time. This week we are going to be concentrating our on our MAPA sessions down at the Meriden Playground.

MAPA has so many kinds of activities on offer… but here we are going to list some of the things that your loved one can do!

  • Create music! There are lots of different musical instruments there for the CYP to express themselves!

  • Play on all the climbing equipment, it’s called ‘adventure’ playground for a reason! This includes frames, zip wires and sand pits!

  • Building dens and forts with their friends, or solo!

  • Create and prepare food.

  • Gather around the campfire and sing songs or roast marshmallows.

  • Get crafting with materials and equipment, to develop life skills and let their creativity flow!

  • Get involved with whatever equipment and activities are on offer that day at the playground!

So, a few benefits that your loved one can gain from these sessions?

  • Allow their creativity to flow

  • Can roam and explore in a safe and inclusive environment

  • Make friends

  • Learn life skills

  • Socialise with children and adults that understand their disability

  • Have a range of inclusive equipment that won’t make your loved one feel isolated or left out

  • And so many more….

Here is a direct quote from Meriden themselves about what the playground is all about: “The Adventure Playground is a fully staffed area where children are free to play and explore. We actively encourage children to play freely, where their imagination is their only boundary. We have a large range of wooden structures with various swings attached to them, a large climbing frame, a huge sandpit and zip line. We have an open Fire Pit where we can teach children to use fire responsibly and let them help prepare food to be cooked over the fire. The wider park has a large natural lake, natural woodland, a children’s play area, a skate park, parkour practice area, tennis courts and a football pitch. It hosts a number of community events throughout the year.” These sessions take place outside; however, it is open come rain or shine as there are plenty of undercover areas. Whilst these sessions are a little more popular during the warmer weather, these sessions are still open… so make sure that you bring a coat and come along and get involved with all the fun and activities! Also, don’t worry about your loved one’s safety whilst they are at these sessions. The playground is extremely secure and isn’t immediately open to the public. This means there is little risk of them wandering off (they are always under the watchful eye of our practitioners!), and that there is no risk of people who may not know how to accomodate to their disability coming in. It’s an entirely inclusive environment when our sessions are taking place! All these sessions will not only have our very own inclusive practitioners present at our sessions to make sure that your loved one is understood and monitored… But workers with Meriden also who will make sure that the environment is safe and inclusive. The sessions that we hold go on Tuesday evenings from 3.30pm-5.30pm. At all these sessions we will provide light snacks and refreshments for everyone that attends. You can pay for these sessions termly on Class for Kids, if you would like to discuss payment or ask any questions surrounding this… don’t hesitate to get in touch with us over on our contact page. If you would like to know some more about MAPA please visit their very own website! We also have a walkaround created by our very own Meg, showing exactly what to expect when you’re there. If you have any questions or queries around these sessions or any of our term time sessions, then please email our project coordinator Claire through email or call 07547 227 639. If you would like to book on to one of our MAPA sessions, then please visit our class for kids link right here!

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