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The Commonwealth Games and Inclusion

The commonwealth games are fast approaching.. But how inclusive are they to disability audiences?

So, the commonwealth games are coming very soon. Next month to be exact! Therefore, we would like to talk a little bit about the inclusion surrounding the games, and what we are doing to celebrate it! What are the commonwealth games you ask? It is a series of different sporting events that take place every four years in a different location across the world. The games range from aquatics all the way through to wrestling, with both men and women taking part from all different kinds of locations deriving from the commonwealth of nations. However, this year it is being held in Birmingham, the home of Inclusive Sports Academy CIC! We decided to do some research… and we found out that the commonwealth games have a lot of aspects to it that makes it accessible to disability audiences!

  • Whereas the Olympics and Paralympics seperate athletes based on their abilities, the teams at the Commonwealth are a complete mix and compete as one whole team! There is no separation or segregation, and all athletes are judged on participation rather than ability.

  • There used to be a Commonwealth Paraplegic Games, that was specifically held for individuals with disabilities from 1962-1974. Although they no longer exist- they were considered an extremely important milestone in disability sports. The games were disestablished due to costs and travel logistics and were held four times in Australia, Jamaica, Scotland, and New Zealand.

  • This year’s commonwealth will have the biggest para-specific games in history, with: Para Cycling, Para Powerlifting, Para lawn bowls, Para triathlon, wheelchair basketball, Para athletics, para table tennis and para swimming.

  • The values of the commonwealth games are inclusive in themselves! Their three core ones are humanity, destiny and of course… equality!

  • Otherwise known as the friendly games, the whole point of the commonwealth games is that everyone is included no matter what their ability is, as well as their background and gender.

For some general facts on the games, Ci gives a couple on our commonwealth video over on our Facebook page! We would love for you to go over and check it out and let us know in the comments what your favourite fact was! If you would like some other facts on Inclusion and sport… We did a whole video on it over on our YouTube Channel! The video outlines the whole history of disability and sport and works as a fantastic way to educate young people on the vital role it has played in sport overall. We have also started up our very own commonwealth event. Every Wednesday night over at the Onward Club from 5-6.30pm we are holding an Inclusive Commonwealth group. The group will centre around the commonwealth games with a range of different activities. The group will also be an opportunity for children and young people to socialise in a monitored space with peers that can relate to and understand their disability. It also acts as after school provision, for parents and carers’ busy lives! If you would like to book on to this group, please get in contact with our new project coordinator Claire through email: or give us a call Monday-Thursday on 07743713161!

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