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What is Inclusive Educate?

So, what is Inclusive Educate? This blog post details who they are, what they do and how you can get involved!

You might have seen us mention our partner business Inclusive Educate a couple of times across our social media platforms.. but not quite known what it is. So we thought we’d dedicate one of our little blog posts to telling you all about it. So essentially, Inclusive Educate is a training provider that focuses on up-skilling parents, carers and teachers to make them more inclusive and accessible to disability audiences. It is ran by the founder and director of Inclusive Sports Andy Warmington who delivers the vast majority of the workshops. They are held across Solihull in a range of different locations with all kinds of audiences who come to attend! The format of the workshops are all different, depending on which one that you are attending, however many are a mix of physical demonstration mixed with some sit-down tutoring and group activity. This means that several different kind of learners can benefit from the sessions and learn in multiple different ways. So, what do we specifically teach at our sessions? Here are our courses we are currently offering: Bespoke teacher training This workshop is aimed at teachers and practitioners, to give them the tools to successfully run a classroom that is SEND friendly. This will mean that all their activities are Inclusive, and that no child is discriminated against in any educational setting. It will also demonstrate how to successfully monitor your participants’ success. Boccia Leader There are so many ways you can make Boccia inclusive for a range of audiences, as you can roll, throw, and kick the balls as well as using aids like ramps and audible equipment. This course will teach you how to play and successfully officiate a boccia game within your club or group. You can be as young as 12 years old to take part on this course and you don’t need any prior qualifications! Club Matters In collaboration with Sports Structures, this is course is aimed to ‘help organisations to develop, grow and become more successful.’ It will demonstrate how to effectively understand your audience and team’s needs, and how to grow sustainably. There will be closed workshops for your groups so several of your employees can join in and learn with you- it also acts as a fantastic team building exercise! The course will cover legal structures, marketing strategies, future planning, participant/volunteer experience and leadership. Inclusive Activities A little like the Boccia workshop- but instead it will demonstrate lots of different kinds of activity! It’s so important to develop activities for your session that can include all your participants that will have an equal level of enjoyment. We will also cover ways to make those with disabilities more active, access disability resources and explore Activity Alliance’s ten principles within your work. Youth Mental Health First Aid This course will give you the knowledge and tools on how to react if a young person is having a mental health crisis. You would always have someone on site if an individual was to break their arm- but what happens if they have a panic or anxiety attack? Having this knowledge will create a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone- including yourself! As you will also gain a few tips on how to deal with your own mental health in a healthy way. Makaton This is a form of sign language that is designed to make communication with hard of hearing and non-verbal audiences easier. We have demonstrated our very own Ci’s skills within Makaton across our social media, and love teaching everyone a few different words to make the world a little more inclusive. This will be done through the fabulous Amy Charlton, who you may recognise from a few of our past camps! To sell us a little bit more to you, here we have some feedback from our past workshops with Inclusive Educate…

100% Agreed we met their needs 100% Agreed they found the workshops useful 100% Agreed that our main tutor was ‘extremely approachable’. 70% Agreed they are ‘extremely confident’ delivering an inclusive session. So, how do you get involved? Please nip over to the contact page and get in touch, letting us know who you are and what course you would like to get involved with.. and we’ll hope to see you there!

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