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What is Inclusive Support Hub

We have spoken to you before about our partner business Inclusive Support Hub on our blog last year.. However so much has happened since then that we would love to tell you about!

So, who are we? We are a small team of individuals who have a vast knowledge of CICs, what it takes to run and create them, as well as design an online persona in order to accurately market them to an audience.

Bid Writing:

There are plenty of alternative routes that you can go down with our ISH package and bid writing. For example, if you choose for us to write the bid for you and it’s successful, we will then take 10% of the awards from your application including VAT.

However, we could also provide some support on what makes a successful bid, and tips on how to write a great one- if you wish to take matters into your own hands! We do provide five hours of free consultation, and charge £35 per hour after this for our time.

We have been successful on several occasions for CICs we have supported, and manage to sustain the extremely popular and successful Inclusive Sports Academy with numerous bids- so you are in good hands!

Please note- we can only write bids that are active, which is an external factor that unfortunately we cannot guarantee. We can also provide knowledge and guide what bids and companies we feel would be best for you and your CIC.

Business Plans, Advice and consultancy:

As mentioned, we do provide five hours of free consultation and charge £35 an hour for our advice.

Within this time bracket, we can provide help with you setting up your CIC. So for example advice on a business plan, as well as financial advice with realistic aims and goals for the upcoming year. We can also provide you with some general advice and guidance on the sector, from a team who knows what they are doing!

We can provide you with connections and contacts that we deem suitable for you, as well as help you with what is required to build a reliable workforce, workplace and other admin tips and templates.

Marketing Support:

Through using our service, we can provide you with extensive social media platform creation and support for the following platforms:


-Twitter ‘X’



-Tik Tok

We can also design a website for you, as well as a range of posters and info-graphics that can be used in both a digital and print format. We will demonstrate good and bad examples of marketing, as well as put you on the right path on relevant trends and topics that may be beneficial to your campaign.

Who we have supported:

To date, we have supported three other CIC's under the Inclusive Support Hub initiative. Here are a little bit about them, and how we have supported them:

Heart Shaped Decisions

Heart Shaped Decisions is a local CIC ran by Graham Frost, and intends to help put young people back on the right track and make the most of their life, through motivational activities and speaking.

We have also provided some local contacts and information, to help them grow and make connections in the area. We have also designed several info-graphics and other marketing material.

If you would like to get in touch with them, please email or call 07766916317.

Foundations 2 Change

Foundations 2 Change is a CIC based in Birmingham, and works to rehabilitate prisoners to ensure they do not re-offend, and provide them with the tools to help support them with this.

If you would like to get in touch with them, please email or or call 07455117092.

Re-Imagine Me CIC

Re-Imagine Me is a CIC based in Solihull, and provides a range of support for individuals suffering with their mental health.

We also supported them with building an online form for their clients to fill out to use their services.

If you would like to get in touch with them, please email or call Michelle on 07553899373 or Steve on 07493484580.

Why should you use us:

If you have ever thought of starting up a community interest company, and feel that there is a gap in your local community that you could accommodate to… why not start one up?

We have demonstrated testimonials from other CICs that we have provided extensive support to, and that are all doing well in their local communities. We also successfully run our own CICs within Solihull. We know what we are doing, and we know exactly what does and doesn’t work.

Also- we are not just exclusive to Solihull. Please make sure to get in touch with us wherever you are across the country, and we will discuss and see what we can do to support you!

How to find us:

We are proud to announce that we have a shiny new website that you can find right here: We also have a Linktree that will lead you to all of our other online platforms.

If you would like to discuss business plans, bids and general enquiries please email

For marketing, website, press and social media content then please email

If you would just like to have a quick chat, then please also feel free to call 07886271954.

All breakdowns of our prices can also be accessed through our website.

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