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What to expect from our Summer Camp 2023!

Today we are going to talk a little bit more about our 2023 Summer HAF plans, and what to expect from our five weeks of Inclusive fun!

Our holiday camp has so many amazing benefits, here are just a few:

  • Improving social skills and social life

  • Providing a space to make friends with shared experiences

  • Creating a safe space with trained professionals who understand their needs

  • Providing holiday respite for parents and carers

  • Free provision for those eligible for free school meals

  • Providing a vibrant and varied approach to summer

  • Snacks, drinks and a warm dinner provided

  • Reducing isolation during the holiday period

  • Providing new and innovative opportunities

  • Abundance of inclusive activities

  • …and so much more!

Here is a small breakdown of each week!

Week One:

Wednesday 26th July: The start of summer will provide plenty of opportunity to see your friends again after summer, with free choice of whichever activity that you would like to do! Lunch will be fun and crafty making your own pizza face!

Thursday 27th July: The second day will be jam-packed full of fun and innovative games as well as in-house quizzes created by the team. We will be keeping the creativity flowing with lunch, with making your very own wraps and fruit salad.

Week Two:

Monday 31st July: The second week will be kicked off with some sensory and smile play, followed by some creative crafts. Lunch is a classic of chicken nuggets and chips, before an afternoon of dancing!

Tuesday 1st August: A chill afternoon of movies followed by a quiz, before a hearty lunch of baked potatoes. The day will then be rounded off by a fun afternoon of music with one of our professionals!

Wednesday 2nd August: In the morning there will be some innovative prep making circus equipment before an afternoon with Mad Dom! Lunch will be a varied taste test, followed by making your own ice creams and lollies.

Thursday 3rd August: Den building and forest skills will provide a fun outdoor morning to kick off the last day of the week. This will be followed by dance and drama with a professional, before making your own animal jungle for lunch!

Week Three:

Monday 7th August: We’ll be bringing back our classic, Inclusive Sports Got Talent! Allowing all of our participants to showcase their talents. Lunch will then be chicken curry and rice, followed by an afternoon of baking.

Tuesday 8th August: Crafts and robot making will be the morning activity of choice, before a tasty lunch of hot dogs and fruit kebabs. A professional sports session will then finish off the day.

Wednesday 9th August: Science professionals Fizz Pop will be coming in to show off their experiments with snotty science! Lunch is going to be some tasty spag bol followed by a chilled afternoon of free choice.

Thursday 10th August: Creating your own game will be the last morning activity of week three, before making your own sandwich for lunch. To finish the last afternoon this week, everyone will be showing off the games that they created before some football and Nintendo switch tournaments.

Week Four:

Monday 14th August: The fourth week will be kicked off with some curious creatures with one of our professionals! Lunch will then be beef burgers, followed up by crafting some creatures and tick box outdoor activities!

Tuesday 15th August: A chill morning of free choice and team building games. Lunch will be cheese and tomato pasta, followed by a scavenger hunt.

Wednesday 15th August: This will be a morning full of innovative music quizzes! Creating your very own baguette will be the choice of lunch, followed by a tasty and healthy session of the smoothie bike before the opportunity for some free play.

Thursday 16th August: We will be spending another morning full of science with the fantastic FIzz Pop! Lunch is creating pizza baguettes and pancakes, before an afternoon of sports activities and some free play with friends.

Week Five:

Monday 21st August: The last week will be a trip out to the cinema! Movie and lunch plans are yet to be confirmed, we hope you’re looking forward to it just as much as we are!

Tuesday 22nd August: Wake up and shake up party games will kick off the morning! Lunch will be some fajitas and wedges before we finish off the day with some fun sessions with the music man!

Wednesday 23rd August: Another top secret trip that is yet to be confirmed!

Thursday 24th August: Summer will be rounded off with our end of summer party with a lunch of party food, followed by an afternoon of fun, games and music!

*Please note that North and South activities may vary from this list.

Luckily, we still have some places on our Summer Camp, and you can already sign up now through our class for kids link.

All enquiries and questions must be directed to Kat through email or you can give us a call on 07743713161.

A quick message from the ISA team: Please make sure you are filling out surveys and leaving Google reviews when and where you can! These things mean so much to us as an organisation, as it helps us gain more funding in order to be able to run our sessions! Please also make sure that if you are returning to our camps, to make sure that all of your details are up to date! This includes emergency contacts, medications and needs.

We can’t wait to see all of you at our summer camp!

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