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Ever had a burning question you just needed the answer to? Well, it might just be all ready for you right here...

As an extremely diverse and complex community interest company with a number of different service offers, audiences and practices… We often receive a LOT of questions. So, we decided to curate a little blog post going into depth on some of the questions we get frequently asked. If you don’t want to spend some time having a read of this, (um, rude) we will still help you out! Just nip over to our Instagram page where there is a highlight full of short As to your Qs. Who will be running my session that I attend? It completely depends on the session you attend! But don’t worry, whoever you have is trained and experienced in inclusive sport and well-being practices. You may see familiar sports coaches the more you attend- however this might occasionally change. Our quality assurance ensures that every person we employ will give everyone who attends a fantastic session! I would like to get involved with your PA service… How do I do this? So firstly, we will assess to see if you are eligible for a PA service. Eligibility completely depends on your funding and circumstances. Please remember that we will provide a PA for your child or loved one… however you will need to take all the necessary checks yourself to make sure. There is also some waiting time sometimes for us to source PA’s, which often is out of our control. If you want to enquire about a PA, please simply get in touch and our team will do what we can to see if we can help. Where are you based? So, our main office and core team are based at Three Trees Community Centre from Monday-Friday. This is where we do all of our admin, including social media and marketing as well as organising trips, funding and sessions. We do hold some sessions here- however they are spread all over the Solihull area. Don't worry- we will always let you know where you have to be! What disabilities do you cater to? We cater to most disabilities! Our services are mainly aimed at individuals living with Special Educational Needs within a vast range of ages. However we also ensure that all of our activities are accessible to those who may have physical disabilities too. Don’t worry about the nature of your disability, we will request details from you and build a profile upon registering with us. We will then also assess what service is best for you and ensure we will have staff that will be able to safely and appropriately cater to your needs. What age do you cater to? Our young people services start as young as 6 years old! There is a session for virtually every age within Inclusive Sports. Again, when registering with Inclusive Sports we will ask for things like your DOB and then we can evaluate what service will work best for you. We want to cater to everyone! What activities do you have available? We have written a blog detailing every service we offer and their benefits! Go over and check it out right here. I don’t live in Solihull.. Can I still use your services? Most of the time, unfortunately we only offer our services to individuals who live in Solihull. This is due to different funding conditions- so there's not much we can do! However, sometimes there can be slight exceptions depending on the session. There is no single answer to this, so enquiring with us is the best thing to do! Do you offer any remote services? Throughout Covid restrictions we offered a variation of different remote services such as Zoom sessions and equipment drop offs. Although we don’t do too much of that at the minute (we are way too excited getting back into physical provision!) If you drop us an email, we may be able to help out with some remote services depending on our staff availability- or point you in the correct direction. I don’t have a disability, can I come to your sessions? Our services and funding is tailored to individuals with disabilities, simply because there aren’t that many out there! However, if you are after a mainstream camp or session for you or a loved one, simply contact your local council who can send you a comprehensive list of clubs and groups in your area. Occasionally, we will allow siblings to come along if their SEND sibling is registered with us. However, it will usually depend on circumstance so please contact us to specifically answer your query! How do I book in with you? Head on over to the contact page! Can I take equipment home? We don’t currently allow hiring, as we have so many sessions throughout the week, its rare we don’t need a piece of equipment at least once! However, we do sell pieces of equipment for both commercial and personal use, so go on over to the page on our site! I’ve booked on to a camp and not heard back? What do I do? Please be patient if you have booked onto one of sessions or camps and not heard back from us. We are only a very small office team so it takes a while for us to work through and get everyone registered. However we are very thorough… so it’s extremely rare we will miss someone out and make a mistake. If you haven’t heard back after around 2 weeks, then please try again through email or mobile. As we are a .org, sometimes our mail ends up in junk or spam- so make sure you’re checking your folders! Do I have to pay for your services? Depending on what the session is, you may have to pay a small donation. This could be as low as 50p or up to £10 for some sessions, it completely depends! However, we will never spring any unexpected bills on you, and will always let you know about any small fees before you attend. As we are a non profit organisation- your donations will always end up going back into your sessions, making them as amazing as possible! We also offer free tasters for every session we hold too! Don’t forget if you ever have a question about any of our services then simply drop us a message or a phone call. You won’t wait long to hear back, and we have a full team behind the scenes always willing to help in any way that we can. Any Q's we didn't A? Get in touch!

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