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A Little Catch Up...

We have a few things going on recently, and thought we would sit down and have a little catch up with you all!


We have great news- our Summer Camp is back and better than ever this year… providing holiday provisions to the SEND community of the North and South of the borough.

Due to funding, we will not be hosting any trips out this year, however we will be taking plenty of trips to the park- and we will have more than enough activities to keep your loved ones happy and entertained.

Although you can not yet book onto our camps, we will let you know as soon as you are able to. Please ensure that you are signed up on Class for Kids- if not, please sign up ASAP! We also need all of your updated details, so if anything has changed with your loved one then please make sure you are logging in and making any amendments.

We would also like to send a big thank you to Solihull Council for all of your generous funding this year, that is making our summer camps possible!

If you have any burning questions, concerns or queries surrounding the Summer Camp, then please make sure to email or call 07743713161. Our office staff are always available to answer your questions, so please feel free to drop a message to the rest of the team or on our social media pages.

Our Term Time Provision

We host seven different sessions throughout the week that is all detailed on our blog here. They run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All of our sessions have completely different aims and reasonings, all of which can be discussed with any of our team at any time.

Prices and bookings are also taken through Class for kids, and you can ring up 07547227639 to chat to us a little bit more.


We provide a PA service to our participants, that allows them to go out and have fun with our staff, and the best part is- it’s completely bespoke! We detailed exactly what this service is a few months back with this blog right here.

Unfortunately we cannot determine whether you are eligible for PA work or not, however we can help you understand where and how to find out your rights and eligibility.

For more information you can contact or call 07743713161.

We are also currently looking for PAs to join our team, so if you feel that you would like to get involved, send your CV over to Kat. Please note that it is required by law for you to have a clean DBS and if you are a driver, business insurance.

Our Social Media

Here is a comprehensive list of our social media accounts, where you can find us:

Please feel free to drop us a follow and interact on any of platforms- we always like and comment back!

Our Partner Businesses

Inclusive Educate is a training provider that provides workshops and knowledge to groups, clubs, teachers and organisations to make their services more accessible. All pricing, workshops and how to get involved can be found on our website.

Inclusive Support Hub provides our knowledge and support to other CICS to help them grow, develop and gain funding. Again, all of the pricing, plans and information can be found on our website.

Other Bits

Please make sure that you are signed up to our Newsletter. Although we will reach out through texts, our newsletter will send small reminders as well as other bits of information surrounding the rest of our provision throughout the year. Please send your email over to Caitlin and she will get you signed up!

We are based at Three Trees Community Centre, and you will usually find someone in the office from Monday-Friday! We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have if you ever need to drop in! If you want, you can also enjoy a coffee in the Three Beans cafe just next door upon your arrival!

If you have 5 minutes to spare, and you have used our services- we would love if you could leave us a review! They are super helpful to us and massively help with our funding.

Also, if you can spare anything at all, we also have a donation page! Every single penny goes straight back into our sessions. Every penny is so appreciated, and makes a massive difference to Inclusive Sports!

Our Staff and Contact

We only have a small team, who can all be found on our Staff Blog.

Andy: Our founder and director. Get in touch with for general term time enquiries, funding and partnerships.

Kat: Our Project and PA Manager. Get in touch with for any enquiries regarding our holiday camps or PA services.

Caitlin: Our Digital Marketing Manager. Get in touch with for anything to do with marketing, social media, press or branding.

Ci: Our Junior Content Producer. Get in touch with for general enquiries.

Eva: Business admin and Coach. Get in touch with for any term time admin information.

Lucy: Business admin and PA. Get in touch with for any admin information.

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